This is the full raw US Senate Hearing regarding Covid-19 back in December 2020. It has a long intro so please fast forward to 6:28.

At 15:00 minutes in the video, Senator Peters is quick to state that the following testimonies from medical professional is inaccurate and their testing methods are inaccurate.  It is after this speech, many house members who have a stake in this ‘plandemic’ leave the chamber and refuse to listen to the real frontline doctors and scientists.

At 34:14, Dr. Pierre Kory, founder of the Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance. This alliance is a large group of Doctors and Scientists working to find effective and inexpensive solutions for this virus.

Doctor’s and Scientists discovered that we have cheap and safe medications, like Ivermectic, that would save the lives of millions, however the Government would rather see us die vs ruin their special interest’s profits and agendas.

To hear more about the real uncensored Science, visit the FLCCC at

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