This video conference was hosted by General Michael Flynn who is a retired lieutenant general in the U.S. Army and the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, was the national security advisor under the Trump administration.

The video is sub-hosted by Dr. Christiane Northrup. Main-stream media call her “the Doctor of Miss-Information” and is ridiculed because she believes pseudoscientific alternative medicine.  Mind you, most Pharma loving doctors think all illness solutions are pharma based so naturally, natural medicines are fake magic in their eyes.  And yet, so much information is out now about natural remedies for Covid and embraced by many scientists. Go figure …

So many people have always claimed that the vaccine has a micro chip so that the Government can track you. They have claimed it’s some kind of nano-technology that transmits data much like an aircraft transponder. In all honesty, this hasn’t been proven. However, there is a chemical called Luciferace.  The NIH published a report in August 10, 2017 regarding a study on Breast cancer in mice. One way they were able to detect metastases was through bioluminescent technology; hence Luciferace. This has been studied for quite some time now.  You can see the study from this link. Using specialized camera equipment such as the scanner used at airport security check points, this bioluminescent chemical can be seen on your skin. This is a convenient and invisible way to detect (not track) whether someone has been vaccinated or not.  Besides the manipulations of the cells that occur from the vaccines that suppress our own immune systems, it is designed to keep you sick to guarantee your dependence on big pharma all while being able to detect whether you’ve had the “Fauci Ouchy” or “the jab”.  After all, Pharma is a business for profit.  Since our immune system is so robust and always fighting for us, our bodies have found ways to dispose of this vaccine which alerted big Pharma to require booster shots.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  What will it take for all of America to wake up on pharma’s greed and the lies our Government officials tell us…  Of course, the main-stream news media sites and their “fact checkers” will all say its nonsense… what would you expect? For years they have told us UFO’s are weather balloons or swamp gases…

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