The NIH has finally put aside the politics and followed the data from the FLCCC. They have approved Ivermectin for the evaluation treatment for Covid-19.  So much for the “horse paste” fake news the main stream media have pushed out against Ivermectin. This is the reason why they wont say anything about this approval from the NIH because it will contradict what they and their fake experts have proclaimed.  It also would mess with their ties with Fauci and big Pharma.  If this gets confirmed by the NIH, this will cost Pfizer huge dollars and contradict their push for an experimental vaccine.  Needless to say, it also brings to light Fauci’s funding for “Gain of Function” experiments he claims he had no part in. Many in the government are now waking up to his lies and want answers.

Here’s the NIH’s website with their Eval approval:

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