Joe Rogan invites Sanjay Gupta, the medical doctor correspondent of CNN to discuss why CNN lied about Ivermectin being a horse dewormer and never spoke about his quick recovery.  Sanjay finally says, “They (CNN) shouldn’t have called it a horse dewormer. I am agreeing with you they shouldn’t have called it that.”

Joe Rogan pressed Sonjay hard! As much as Sonjay tried to divert from the question by his nervous giggles and laughs, however finally gave in to the truth. Ivermectin, the Nobel Prize winner drug, has been safely used by billions of people as a human drug and not a horse dewormer however CNN along with all the other main stream media groups who are pro-pharma continue to push false information.  And now they are caught red-handed to face the truth. Will Joe Rogan sue CNN for defamation? We will wait and see.

Ironically, this full video was removed from YouTube. You can watch the full 3 hour video on Spotify from Joe Rogan Experience episode #1718

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