Covid-19 – The Real Information Is Streaming In

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Don’t be fooled by the main stream media or the top social media platforms. They are all protecting their special interests that doesn’t breach their agenda.  Everything on this site is pure science by the scientists, senior surgeons and physicians that are on the front lines.  We will make every attempt to post scientific documents and videos that the US Government, the NIH, FDA and the WHO don’t want you to see, hear or believe.

New information is being added frequently… so please check back often.

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Mainstream outlets like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter may suspend your channel if you share this information such as treatments, science from real doctors in the frontlines or anything that contradicts their agenda; especially if you use terms like Ivermectin, cures, alternative treatments etc.  Please share at your own risk or via other means such as Messenger, Telegraph, MMS Texting and other social media that don’t censor information.